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Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some of the more common questions to help you understand your visit to the Town Hall. If you need more information, please contact our sales & events team.

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About your booking:

What will happen if my event cannot take place due to COVID-19 restrictions? 
If your event has to cancel due to government restrictions then we will either work with you to reschedule your event or refund you. 

Do you offer a refund if I am forced to cancel my event due to COVID-19? 
If your event is cancelled due to changes in government guidelines we will refund any of the balance you’ve paid. 

Can I change the date of my event/wedding? 
Up to 4 weeks prior to the event date we can work with you to change the date if this is required due to government restrictions.                           

I want to book an event but I’m not sure if it can happen – what do I do? 
You’re welcome to contact us and get your event booked in our diary to save the date! As we get closer to the time we envisage having more information about what can go ahead. If your event cannot go ahead we will work with you to reschedule it. 

I have an event booked and I’m not sure about all the different rules in place. 
Please contact our sales and events team who will work directly with you and explain any changes to government guidelines and what this means for your event. 

About the Venue:

Are all of your rooms still available to hire? 
We haven’t opened all our rooms yet and are operating on a limited capacity. Please get in touch to check what rooms are available and what the revised capacity will be.  

Are your delegate numbers for each room still accurate? 
Capacity numbers on the main pages are for events without any social distancing in place. We’re currently working at a reduced capacity (based on social distancing) and will be following government guidelines for how many guests can attend events. Please contact our sales & events team who will be able to give more advice on what revised capacities will be for your event. 

Will I still be able to have my event in the room I want? 
We always try to ensure customers can have their ideal event in their preferred space, however as capacities have been reduced, our team may suggest a different room than you initially requested. This will be to ensure your event is as safe as possible. 

Can my guests and I access all of the Town Hall when I visit for my event? 
There will be access will only to spaces required for that event. Some parts of the Town Hall will therefore be closed to visitors. This is to ensure the venue is as safe as possible.  

When I get to the venue:

How will you enforce social distancing measures? 
It is everyone’s responsibility to adhere to social distancing guidelines, and here at Oxford Town Hall we are working to 2m social distancing. To make this easier we have new signage within the venue to help visitors and staff keep their distance. 

Are your staff tested for COVID-19? 
All staff will be following government guidelines and monitoring themselves for symptoms. If staff have any symptoms they will not come into the venue and will follow the latest government guidelines. 

Do we need to sign in or give our details? 
We have posters placed in the entrance to allow you to scan the QR code for the NHS Test & Trace app. For guests who are not able to download the app, your details will be collected by reception upon arrival.  

Will staff be wearing PPE? 
All staff are required to wear face coverings and have received training and have excellent knowledge of hygiene and social distancing measures required to keep everyone in the venue safe and well.  

Do I need to bring my own PPE? 
We will be providing hand sanitiser stations throughout the venue, but you will need to bring your own face covering.  

What are you doing to make sure the venue is clean? 
We have increased the frequency of cleaning, paying special attention to touch points (such as door handles). The entire venue will be thoroughly cleaned before your event and guest arrival. 

About my event:

Will your café and museum be open when we have our event? 
The museum is closed for redevelopment, and the café is currently closed. 

What toilet facilities will be available for my visit? 
There will be adequate toilet facilities available for your event.  

Will the venue still be fully accessible? 
The venue will remain fully accessible. If you or any of your guests have access requirements, please inform the sales and events team prior to the event so we can work with you make sure your event is safe for everyone attending. 

Will we be allowed catering? 
Whether catering is permitted depends on the type of event (e.g. meeting, wedding reception) and the guidance for that event. Please contact the sales & events team who can discuss what is permitted for your event.  

Will we be allowed photographers at my wedding? 
Photographers or videographers can attend your wedding and are not included in the total number of guests. So for example, you are allowed 13 guests at your wedding (plus you and your partner), and any photographers or videographers.   

Still got a question?

If you've still got any questions or concerns about your event then please get in touch with our sales & events team who will be able to help you.