How to Find the Right Wedding Photographers

It’s happened, you’re engaged!

You might have already chosen your date and booked your venue so it’s onto the next most important task, finding your perfect wedding photographers!

We all know that once the wedding day is over the photographs will be your most treasured keepsake and the best way to relive your memories. So how do you make sure you find the right photographers for you? We spoke to local photographers and popular Oxford Town Hall suppliers V & H Wedding Photography who pulled together this guide.

Do Your Research

First things first, if you’ve never worked with a photographer before, take some time to research the different photography styles and ways of working that are out there.

Do you like the idea of documentary photography, where everything is captured as naturally as possible, or a more classical posed style?

Do you enjoy more dark and moody or light and airy images? Perhaps you’re really drawn to really colourful photography?

Also think about whether you would prefer to have two photographers with you on the day to cover more of the action.

Top Tip:

Hashtags on Instagram and Pinterest can be a great way of working out which styles you are drawn to. Other wedding suppliers and wedding blogs can also be a great way of finding lots of different photographers

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Narrow down a list of photographers

Wedding photographers tend to travel so you shouldn’t have to limit yourself to just people based locally. If you’re looking to meet your photographers before the day or have an engagement shoot however, it might be easier to start by seeing who is in your area.

Ask if your venue has a list of suppliers they recommend, and take any recommendations from friends and family who have real life experience with certain photographers. It’s always good to keep in mind though the right photographer for one couple might not be the right photographer for you, which is why your own research is so important.

Top Tip:

Check out the reviews photographers have on their website and on Google. These might give you some good insight into their key strengths.

Make Contact

Once you have some names, have a good look through their website and social media pages and pull together a list of possible photographers that seem like they could be a good fit.

Your first point of contact is usually a contact form on their website and the first question is usually “Are you still free on my date?” Photographers can get booked up quite far in advance so be prepared for people already being booked up. But don’t worry – they might be able to help you out with some recommendations of their own.

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Once you know they are available having a meeting with them, either in person or via video chat, is a great next step. It’s a good way of getting to know them a little and see if you would feel comfortable with them on the day. Photographers are normally with you for some very key moments so important to have someone you can trust, feel comfortable with and be yourself around.

It can also be useful to ask to view a few full galleries from weddings they have photographed. Portfolios and social media tend to include a lot of photographers favourite work, and knowing the photographers can replicate that quality through a whole wedding day is really important. It will also give you some idea of what your wedding gallery could look like (but remember weather, locations etc. will vary from wedding to wedding).

Decision time

Once you feel you have made your choice on which photographers you would like to book with, make sure you ask to see a contract and understand the booking process also what the next steps will be. It might be useful to get in contact again closer to your wedding day to finalise details and timings and it’s always good to keep in contact with any changes that happen to your plans.

About the Authors:

V & H Wedding Photography are Vicky and Helen, two best friends & wedding photographers who love relaxed, fun documentary style photography with a passion for capturing real genuine unposed moments & beautiful portraits. They also love wedding cake!